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4220 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6S 2E9

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    Megan Podwin
    "Refunds at $59.99!" was pasted all over the place, including the website. When my taxes are finished, she tells me it's going to cost me $112.33 for four T4's and one student loan sheet (which I was told actually wasn't needed this year and to bring it back next year, so not sure if that would even be factored in to the price...) She told me the $59.99 was for ONE T4 only, with no other documents. Does anybody in the world have taxes that require only filing one T4 and no other documents? It says nowhere on the website *for one T4 only.

    I like to think we all want to live in a society that doesn't feel the need to trick each other into buying services by putting blatantly misleading signs on their walls and websites. It's really gross and unnecessary, and hopefully some day this and whatever other misleading HR Block can just openly list their prices saying "Here is what taxes cost...a lot of money." Instead of giving people bogus bait to come in to their establishment.
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